About Us

CatalystServers was founded to provide high quality service that is all but extinct in todays world, where on the vast internet, you can find thousands of seemingly identical providers. How do you know who to trust? CatalystServers was created as an answer to that question.

Catalyst Servers is a high-technology web hosting company based in Ontario, Canada. We have a large team of exceptionally talented, motivated staff available to meet your hosting needs.

Our network operations data centre is located in Dallas Texas in the downtown core. The data centre is located in a secured building, with state-of-the-art network and power redundancy. We use only heavily-peered high speed upstream providers for our internet connection.


The team behind CatalystServers has been in the hosting buisness for over 7 years. Catalyst Server has been open since 2004.


Here at CatalystServers, we believe in only using the latest reliable hardware available, our servers are Duel Intel Dual Core Xeon Series processors, with at least 4GB of RAM.


We believe in bringing the best values possible to our customers, we never charge more then our products are worth. We do not oversell out servies, because of this our uptimes are the best in the industry.